The plancius art collection is an Amsterdam based private initiative of two friends, aimed at supporting artists and new positions within contemporary visual art. This website gives an overview of the works that are part of the collection.

The plancius art collection started in 2006 as the result of the discussions and cooperation between the two owners. It has no formal structure or goal, other than to make an exceptional collection of contemporary art for personal use. The works are made after the year 2000 within a wide variety of media. For the most part there is a direct connection to the contemporary art scene in the Netherlands.

The name Plancius was chosen after the 16th century cartographer Petrus Plancius, who’s visionary methods for mapping the world seemed suiting and exemplary for a collection aimed at the mostly unchartered world of contemporary art. Plancius is also the name of the restaurant in Amsterdam where the idea for the collection was born, late 2005.

For more information please contact planciuscollectie-at-gmail-dot-com

The artist that are part of the collection are (in alphabetical order):
Liesbeth Abbenes
Jan Adriaans
Lara Almarcegui
Marc Bijl
Marinus Boezem
Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács
Justin Bennett
Sebastian Burger
Tom Claassen
Rui Calçada Bastos
Robbie Cornelissen
Fenke Dekker
Fendry Ekel
Patrich vanden Eynde
Peggy Franck
gerlach en koop
Carlos Garaicoa
Daan van Golden
Kaleb de Groot
Sara van der Heide
Arjan van Helmond
Aisling Hedgecock
Anne Holtrop
Thijs Jager
Folkert de Jong
Marijn van Kreij
Flore de Koning
Alexandra Leykauf
Pere Llobera
Melina Lundin
Jill Magid
Sanja Medic
Heide Nord
Noor Nuyten
Nick Oberthaler
Jonas Ohlsson
Paulien Oltheten
Micha Patiniott
Bas Princen
Public Space With A Roof
Nathan Redwood
Mike Rogers
Scheltens & Abbenes
Sebastiaan Schlicher
Sarah van Sonsbeeck
Stephen Sutcliffe
Jennifer Tee
Rob Voerman
Marijke van Warmerdam
Guido van der Werve
Henk Wildschut
Philippe van Wolputte
Raphael Zarka
Maria Zervou
Oliver Zwink

Click here to go the artworks that make the collection.

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