Anne Holtrop

p14-115 / Trail House / 2009 / consists of 4 parts: (1) instructions with line drawings and measurements on A3 sheets to execute the Trail House: a 100 m2 house that is based on the paths of a vacant piece of land, (2) model on scale 1:20 made of birch plywood, foam and mirror glass, (3) two photos #2 out of an edition of 3, in a series made by Bas Princen, (4) text ‘Back and Forth and in and around: thirty views on the Trail House’ on 11 A4 sheets written by Lorenzo De Rita/ size of model: 110 x 190 x 20 cm, photographs: 67 x 83 cm / provenance: the artist / exhibited at Unknown Territories, aug-nov 2009, Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, and at Speak, Memory, dec 2010-feb 2011, Stroom Den Haag / pk

p14-..-Anne Holtrop-Bas Princen-Trail House-1
p14-..-Anne Holtrop-Bas Princen-Trail House
p14-..-Anne Holtrop-Trail House

p14-..-Anne Holtrop-Trail House interview

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