plancius art collection is proud to present its latest acquisitions…

updated June 2018 — click on the artist name for more information

Folkert de Jong

Folkert is taking an central role in the plancius art collection with this newest of acquisitions, the 3 meter high Business As Usual (Tower).

Folkert De JongYang Yongliang

New name to the collection, the Shanghai-based Yang Yongliang (1980) and with him the intriguing 4-screen video collage Journey to the Far (2017).

plancius art collection Yang Yong Liang Journey to the Far 2017-2

Sarah van Sonsbeek

Nice counterpart to our One cubic meter of broken silence is this Acoustic Painting (2011) made from the acoustic muting material ohropax (earplugs).

Plancius Art Collection Sarah van Sonsbeeck Acoustic Painting 2011

Robbert Weide

Brilliant moving sculpture by Robbert Weide, called Object From an Unintentional Party (2016) with googly eyes styrofoam and a motor. Speakers on!




Tom Callemin

Belgian photographer Callemin is most known for his hypperreal scenarios in black-and-whites, such as this mysterious one called River (2016).

plancius art collection Tom Callemin River 2016

Arjan van Helmond

Van Helmond number seven for the plancius art collection! A work called Flag, made during a residency period in 2017 at the Luceberthuis in Bergen.

plancius art collection Arjan van Helmond Flag

Noor Nuyten

Veryvery happy with Collectors time that creates an individual time zone for the two owners of the plancius art collection by means of a watch that runs to the beat of your heart. The work emphasizes both the individuality of the collectors and the point where they correspond: the collection.

plancius art collection Noor Nuyten Collectors Time 2017 - 1plancius art collection Noor Nuyten Collectors Time 2017 - 2

The work has been especially developed for the plancius art collection. Noor Nuyten has made three commissioned works: Collectors Time, Gravitational Choices and Still Life of One Minute. The commission is centered around the notion of collecting as a measurable act, a subjective form of art history that tries to find a balance between ratio and intuition.

Mirthe Klück

Large lacquer and latex on burlap painting: Cry me a River, to complement the diptych Eat or get Eaten.

p16-163-Mirthe Klück-Cry me a River-2016

At Barbara Seiler Gallery we bought the beautiful chloride on cotton diptych Eat or get Eaten.

p16-148-Mirthe Klück-eat or get eaten-2015

Stéphane Barbier Bouvet

At Independent Brussels, we purchased Healing #9 and #10, by the Belgian artist Stéphane Barbier Bouvet.

plancius art collection Stéphane Barbier Bouvet

Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion

Two new works – including Gold and Glitter – and one commissioned work, by this talented young couple from Paris.

p16-156-Brout&Marion-Gold and Glitter-2015

Marijn van Kreij

Perfectly complementing the works we have already collected by Marijn van Kreij, we are very happy with the unique piece Bookmarks: 2 sets of 40 bookmarks, digitized and transferred to slides, shown in a particular order using a slide projector with interval timer, approx. 5 minutes per set.

p16-147-Marijn van Kreij-Untitled (bookmarks)-2016-1
Alexandra Leykauf

We are happy to support the production of the magnificent new publication of Alexandra Leykauf by purchasing two limited edition works On Penobscot Bay and Untitled #10.

p15-141-Leykauf-On Penobscot Bay
p16-151-alexandra leykauf-untitled 10-2015

Daan van Golden

Two works out of Mr. van Golden’s recent Double Print series: White Painting, Daan in Paris and White Painting, Two Paintings.

Folkert de Jong

In addition to the Last Boogie Woogie bench, we’ve laid hands on Mondriaan’s portrait Post Mortem.Folkert de Jong - Post Mortem - 2013