plancius art collection is proud to present its latest acquisitions…

updated november 2016 — click on the artist name for more information

Noor Nuyten

As a collatoral event to the exhibition Collectors View, Noor Nuyten will present three new works that are commissioned by the plancius art collection: Collectors Time, Gravitational Choices and Still Life of One Minute. The commission is centered around the notion of collecting as a measurable act, a subjective form of art history that tries to find a balance between ratio and intuition.
Noor Nuyten will be part of Collectors View with Collectors Time and her older work Measuring Space.

More information will follow soon…

Mirthe Klück

Large lacquer and latex on burlap painting: Cry me a River, to complement the diptych Eat or get Eaten.

p16-163-Mirthe Klück-Cry me a River-2016

Stéphane Barbier Bouvet

At Independent Brussels, we purchased Healing #9 and #10, by the Belgian artist Stéphane Barbier Bouvet.

Katja Mater
Two recent works made by Katja Mater: Interval 2 and Tiled 9:

Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion

Two new works – including Gold and Glitter – and one commissioned work, by this talented young couple from Paris.p16-156-Brout&Marion-Gold and Glitter-2015

Erik Wesselo

Plancius art collection is proud to support the post-production of Erik Wesselo’s latest project East River, by pre-ordering this photo.

p16-162-Erik Wesselo-East River-2016

Marijn van Kreij

Perfectly complementing the works we have already collected by Marijn van Kreij, we are very happy with the unique piece Bookmarks: 2 sets of 40 bookmarks, digitized and transferred to slides, shown in a particular order using a slide projector with interval timer, approx. 5 minutes per set.

p16-147-Marijn van Kreij-Untitled (bookmarks)-2016-1

Mirthe Klück

At Barbara Seiler Gallery we bought the beautiful chloride on cotton diptych Eat or get Eaten by emerging artist Mirthe Klück.

p16-148-Mirthe Klück-eat or get eaten-2015Robbie Cornelissen

Two recent drawings named De Wachtkamer (the waiting chamber).

p16-149-Robbie Cornelissen-De Wachtkamer Europa 3-2016

p16-150-Robbie Cornelissen-De Wachtkamer Europa 4-2016

Paulien Oltheten

The multiple Scheef (2015) is a new way for Oltheten to compile her photographic series. The box is tailored for the individual series, with a screen print on the outside and a text that accompanies it on the inside, both as a story suggestion that binds the photos together and a suggested mode of presentation.

p16-146-paulien oltheten-scheef-2015

Peggy Franck

By purchasing two limited edition works, we support the artist publication Salmon leaping time to a standstill – Peggy 01, presented on occasion of her residency period in the former studio of artist and poet Lucebert in Bergen.

p143-144-peggy franck-2016

Alexandra Leykauf

We are happy to support the production of the magnificent new publication of Alexandra Leykauf by purchasing two limited edition works On Penobscot Bay and Untitled #10.

p15-141-Leykauf-On Penobscot Bay
p16-151-alexandra leykauf-untitled 10-2015

Daan van Golden

Two works out of Mr. van Golden’s recent Double Print series: White Painting, Daan in Paris and White Painting, Two Paintings.

Daan van Golden White Painting Daan in Paris / White Painting Two Paintings / 2012

Noor Nuyten

Three works, including Measuring Space. Information about another work, that will be made especially for the plancius art collection, will follow shortly.


Folkert de Jong

In addition to the Last Boogie Woogie bench, we’ve laid hands on Mondriaan’s portrait Post Mortem.

Folkert de Jong - Post Mortem - 2013
Kaleb de Groot

Two unique analog pictures plus a one-of-a-kind case with the documentation and whole series of the intervention Goedendag / One Hot Blue Ball.

p14-125-Kaleb de Groot - GDOHBB Kitchen-2007
Jeroen Kooijmans

Special edition photo The Healing by Jeroen Kooijmans plus handwritten poem by Tommy Wieringa plus signed and numbered publication The Fish Pond Song, made on occassion of Kooijmans show at Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch during the  Jheronimus Bosch exhibition.

p16-152-Jeroen Kooijmans-The Healing-2015

Teun Vonk

Video work The Human Figure in Motion.

p16-153-teun vonk-the human figure in motion-2014